Reactions and Distractions to Online Art and It’s Meanings

period glitter pants

I have been posting art work online for just over two years now. From when I was doing terrible artists emulations at the start of college, to now when I’m just finding my feet on my foundation diploma. Some of it I’m proud of, some of it I’m embarrassed of, but the majority has had my name and it’s meaning beside, connecting it to me no matter how I feel now.

One thing, however, that has always…

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Glamorizing Eating Disorders


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A bit more than a week ago, Peaches Geldof’s death was announced but the cause of death remained inconclusive. Although I never really considered myself a fan of hers, I remembered her as someone who I could relate to in terms of her body type. There weren’t many curvy women presented in the media and she was someone who made me feel a bit more confident. When media sites reported how happy she…

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I set up a mini studio in my room and took pink and yellow lemonade themed portraits of my beautiful friend Johnisha Shepard when the golden hour struck. I’m interested in the power that color has and have really been having a good time with it. There is something entrancing in a vivid scene that exposes so many of the bright colors that the world has to offer. Playing with colors have  been something new that I’ve been trying and  it sometimes is out of my comfort zone because I fear the results. Thus far, I’ve been pretty satisfied with the end product. My goal was to create juxtaposition between striking hue’s with mostly the usage of natural light.

Lemonade: A Photo Collection I set up a mini studio in my room and took pink and yellow lemonade themed portraits of my beautiful friend Johnisha Shepard when the golden hour struck.

#LessClassicallyBeautiful and the Backhanded Compliment

Less Classically Beautiful and the Backhanded Compliment

Actress Viola Davis as Annalise Keating

Show runner Viola Davis, star of the new ABC drama How To Get Away With Murder is breaking down many different barriers on network television. She is a woman over 40, a dark skin black woman, and not a size 0 and proving that those tagged as #LessClassicallyBeautiful are not only sexy, but also beautiful.

Part of the ShondaLand Thursday night lineup, How To Get Away With Murder, is show about a…

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'Self Portrait' and the 'Slut' Label

‘Self Portrait’ and the ‘Slut’ Label

Self Portrait

These self portraits (below) were actually taken specifically for a special zine that Clandestine Collective, which I and Georgia are part of, are thinking about producing. I really liked the repetitive layout of the sheet of images and I thought that this would somehow function really well as a piece of work, I just needed to decide what.

Self Portrait

One of the events that has stuck with me most in my…

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ISIS Does Not Define Islam

ISIS Does Not Define Islam


ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq); a terrorist group whose ultimate goals are to 1). Establish a new Islamic caliphate across the Middle East 2.) Force Muslims to submit to Al-Baghdadi’s radical Islamic perspective, while implementing  a high-stakes  mentality. Al-Baghdadi asks that one either “join the Islamic caliphate, or to be killed”. Muslims have observed the dark misconstructions of Islamic law…

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Black beauty: a foreign concept within the beauty industry.

I think it’s right to say I stumbled into the world of make-up at a very young age, overwhelmed and confused by the large variety of products and brands and not exactly knowing what to do with it all. The difference between eye-liner and eyebrow pencil remained a myth to me until later into my teenage years and I can say, confidently now, that it did take me a while to even get a grasp on what…

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Let Me Medicate You


Research says that fifty percent of all Australian’s will suffer from some form of mental illness in their life. I never thought I would be one of them, but after a while in an unhealthy relationship and the stress of a divorce I found myself faced with something; Celapram. Celapram is one of many anti-depressants used to assist people struggling with depression, or in my case, anxiety. For a…

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Deja Vu.

He tugged the duvet over her shoulders, wrapping her into his warmth before letting his arm fall securely over her side. She snuggled closer, closing her eyes as sleep took her by surprise. Their feet were entangled, hers at their usual ice-box temperature, his like hot water bottles. His shout of surprise amused her. He tickled her tailbone, waking her gently. She rolled over and closed her eyes…

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Hannah Graham: Another Reminder That We Must Keep Ourselves Safe

Hannah Graham: Another Reminder That We Must Keep Ourselves Safe


I shouldn’t have gotten pepper spray as a going away to college present.

I shouldn’t have to be told during my freshman orientation that the buddy system will be a code to live by for the rest of our lives.

Hannah Graham should have never come into contact with Jesse Mathews.

On September 13, UVA Sophomore Hannah Graham went missing after a night out with her friends. Ever since her announced…

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